Holding Space

Do you feel like you’re getting all the space and support your system needs to process and unfold into this dramatically changing world? With so much outside of our control, I’ve been experimenting with new ways to address those needs that are more focused on the details we can change and influence in our daily lives.

The I Ching is literally The Book of Changes, and I’ve returned to studying it daily and sharing those insights with people in 20 or 40 minute bites that are really about holding space for the process of change. Thank you to everyone who’s joined in those conversations! Please email if you’re interested.

And thank you to all of you who have engaged with me in response to the last newsletter. These are tough times, and if we can pull together, we’ll be so much stronger.

Acupuncture is back, too, and I know a lot of you are needing that level of care. I’m at a beautiful new location in south Minneapolis (4100 Grand Ave S), in a very part-time capacity.

I’m looking forward to seeing your faces when the time is right!

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