Spring Exhortation

There is a place where the flow of your environment and your inner impulses converge, and this is where you’ll find the next right step for you. 

I’m just writing to encourage you all to listen a little more to your inner impulses, open your senses a little more intentionally to the space around you, and respond to that information today.

Without overthinking it, this is my working model for developing wisdom, or the capacity to use what you know to live well. 

Whatever capacity we have for clear thinking and agency can be expanded or contracted by where we choose to place our attention. 

And if you’re going to attend to any question at all, what is more beneficial than to examine how to identify and realize a good life?

Choosing to avoid this question has negative consequences for your body/mind/heart/spirit system and for the world, as well. So please, orient carefully to your surroundings, listen a little more to your inner impulses, and let your movements be informed by something truer than destructive social expectations. 

Imagine childlike trust in your own body — your home! — but with the grounded wisdom of a caring adult. A return which is more valuable than what was lost.

Reach out for support if that feels right. Imagine asking the kinds of questions that result in more peace, from the inside out.

News! I finished Repetition by Kierkegaard and the Apology by Plato (major inspirations for these thoughts today), and I’m working my way through the Meno and, as always, MORE George Eliot and Søren. Newsletter frequency will probably decrease, but who knows? I enjoy connecting with you all, after all. 

I am stocked up on herbs for GI upset, which is the latest unhappy set of symptoms going around, with and without a covid diagnosis. Get some to keep in your medicine cabinet to fend off what the ancient Chinese physicians poetically dubbed Sudden Turmoil (!).

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