Autumn Time

Fall is traditionally a time of change as the world around us inexorably transitions from a steamer to a freezer. But I’m ready for some steadiness and stability after a summer packed over the top. 

How can we invite stillness into a season of transformation? What has the frantic pace of your summer delivered that you’d like to keep around, sit with, leisurely explore?

It’s maybe a little ironic that I’ve recently (re?)discovered for myself the health benefits of — wait for it — regular appointments with an acupuncturist who genuinely cares about my wellbeing!!! Those of you who have incorporated that into your lives: why didn’t you tell me???

Seriously, try it if you haven’t lately, and spread the word — acupuncture is a game changer.

All of that is truth mixed with playfulness, and that might be the best way to describe the other new steadinesses I want to share with you: 

I’m practicing in a beautiful new space, at the Darling Den in St. Paul. The address is 882 Seventh St. W, Suite 3. It’s designed to be a respite, luxurious with both space and coziness. If you haven’t been in yet, I’m looking forward to welcoming you there. 

Online booking is once again available! You can use this link: or, as always, by texting 720-612-9788 or responding to this email to schedule.

Good friends, of course, can be a source of constancy over time, and it was a delight to see the photos my friend Tejas made recently. They mark the office move as well as a moment of shifting understanding about who I am and how I’ve always been, so I’m sharing a few. 

If you’ve read this far in another of my long letters, I’m holding space for you to define restfulness within the stream of changing seasons that is your life. May the best of who you are be welcomed with love and comfort into its fullness not just once, but ongoingly, along with time. 

From the perfect power or infinite nature of God… all things… have necessarily flowed, or are always following from the same necessity; just as from eternity to eternity it follows from the nature of a triangle that its three angles are equal to two right angles.

– Spinoza

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