Year of the Rabbit!

Bunny lovers of the world, it’s your time to shine! Well, if you’ve been paying attention at all, you would have known this was going to be a big celebration over here.  I mean, BUNNIES! The Lunar New Year begins January 22, with the full moon on February 5. 

I’ve been diving into the deep reflection that this time of year invites, and I’m excited to share how my work is coming into clearer focus. 

Here’s the first thing: we are our stories. Every detail and twist from flourishing to surviving and back again, the ways you’ve grown and the parts that have fallen away, and all your reasons and innate orientations for pushing in those directions – those contribute to the truth of who you are.

Some days it’s easier to like the truth than other days. Some truths are easier to own. What if you liked your life a little more? It’s yours for all the time you’re here! I’d like for us all to be on the friendliest terms possible with our lives.

Here’s another thing: acupuncture and gua sha and Chinese herbs and Somatic Experiencing are such helpful tools, and I’m so grateful to have them, but real healing comes down to embracing the essence of our stories. Stories contain time. We need more time to let good things sink in. All the rest is mutable, and from that truth we can build comfort for your essential self to shine forth. 

Based on these thoughts, and on my ongoing inclination to pay closer attention, I’m making some adjustments to my practice. I’m bringing stories into sharper focus, and holding more space for stories to take shape and find their wonderful, shape-shifting wholeness. 

Given the state of public health here, I’m looking forward to meeting with our whole faces, without masks for those who are comfortable. (I’m always happy to wear a mask if you prefer. You’re always welcome to text ahead of an appointment and let me know. And in my office and everywhere, Please Please wear a mask if you’ve been exposed to or have even the earliest possible symptoms of any potential respiratory virus!) 

And, in addition to the current one-hour appointments, I’m adding longer appointment options: 2.5 and 3.5 hours. I see the need for nervous systems to expand and breathe into more curiosity, more tracking, and more resting. This is my attempt to meet that need, to create experiences that can be lived into for multiple weeks, which some people need more than weekly hour-long appointments. I’m grateful I can follow my own heart and offer what feels right for the world, including more conventional appointments that work really well for many people! 

It will be a delight to play with more options, and to explore the spaciousness that longer visits and released expectations will afford. What will it be like to feel seen and heard in more openness? What new facets of a story might become visible within that softening toward time? You, your life, your legacy are worth that time and attention. 

You are enough, and the only way I’ve found to access that sufficiency – the goodness beyond the story – is through patient, careful, faithful conversation with the body, mind, heart and spirit. Not perfect conversation! Because I’m not perfect and we may sometimes stumble around before we weave the way forward. My work is about collaborating to create the conditions for the best possible to happen. 

With the new session options, my pricing structure is changing, too. 
1 hour: $160
2.5 hours: $390
3.5 hours: $550

As always, I will open some slots every week for sliding fee one-hour visits. And now through February 5, you can purchase packages at the current or slightly discounted price:
3 one-hour visits: $405 
6 one-hour visits: $800
9 one-hour visits: $1200

I hope this is the year for you to engage more with the magic and wonder of your life. I would be so honored to create with you that experience, that softening into yourself. Maybe, if we’re lucky, we’ll embody some rabbit-level mischief and sweetness along the way! 

The effort by which every thing strives to persevere in existing, is nothing but the actual essence of that thing.

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