This page has images I love, and a list of things that need to change. Pendulation! 

The incomplete list of Things That Don’t Sit Right With Me:

  • grind culture
  • white supremacy and systemic racism
  • perfectionism
  • capitalism
  • ongoing expansion of fossil fuel production and consumption through one climate crisis after another (and through tribal lands!)
  • exploitation of both workers and consumers
  • the ways algorithms exploit human needs like connection and validation while keeping us isolated and removed from truly nourishing activities 
  • the transactional approach to relationships that substitutes for genuine caring and self-sacrifice
  • debt from education, medical expenses, and predatory lending practices
  • all forms of violence against an individual’s feeling safe and loved and lovable in their own skin including transphobia, fat phobia, ageism, ableism, misogyny, bigotry of any kind, androgyny too
  • the way misery is accepted and built into every level of industrial food production and consumption
  • nonsensical bureaucracy
  • inequitable distribution of resources and access to care
  • prisons and policing
  • the way people profit from wrong or misleading nutrition info
  • a “healthcare” system that fosters desperation and confusion and isolation
  • the idea that some immigrants are better than others
  • anything less for refugees than the warmest welcome we would want for ourselves and our families if we were in their shoes
  • all the ways we’re told to ignore and override our physical and emotional and mental needs to protect the comfort of more powerful people
  • the idea that people should pay someone else for safe and comfortable housing, healthcare, and good nutrition
  • and, of course, all the ways our bodies and minds try to cope with these unnecessary assaults on our being: anxiety, depression, migraines, IBS, autoimmune conditions, hormone dysregulation, chronic pain, tension

If you get as mad as I do reading this list, let’s find ways to use that energy to change things. I’m down to be your partner in subverting any of these that resonate with you, and please tell me about glaring omissions. We keep each other safe.