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Explore restorative comfort, genuine care and curiosity,

thoughtful and intuitive support

I can help you follow your biology and get to the heart of your personal version for health. 

Let’s discover together.

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The Way Cracks Let the Light Shine Through

Sometimes on the journey, it’s necessary to compartmentalize and focus on one emergent section, but it’s always connected. It’s important to take a step back occasionally and see the bigger picture. Now, with so many veils ripped away, the picture is A LOT to take in. An individual can’t heal without their community. It demands a … Continue reading The Way Cracks Let the Light Shine Through

Holding Space

Do you feel like you’re getting all the space and support your system needs to process and unfold into this dramatically changing world? With so much outside of our control, I’ve been experimenting with new ways to address those needs that are more focused on the details we can change and influence in our daily lives. … Continue reading Holding Space

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