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Through all kinds of challenges and hardships, we are hardwired to aim for wellbeing. What does that look like for you?

In this one life, this one body, what question could possibly be more important?

I can help you follow your biology and get to the heart of your personal version of health. 

Here you will find restorative comfort, genuine care and curiosity,

thoughtful and intuitive support

Let’s discover together.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I am scheduling via text/email rather than online.

20 minute video I Ching readings are now available!

These are a warm and spacious way to imagine new possibilities as we traverse the new world unfolding before us.

Email for appointment options: Support@KMCampbell.org


Kat performing acupuncture - gentle touch

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Holding Space

Do you feel like you’re getting all the space and support your system needs to process and unfold into this dramatically changing world? With so much outside of our control, I’ve been experimenting with new ways to address those needs that are more focused on the details we can change and influence in our daily lives. … Continue reading Holding Space

Springtime Touch-in

Spring Emerging Mobilizing       This is just to connect and create a space where we can share notes on this collective journey. It’s an uncertain time, and rich with potential. It’s a transformative time. We can emerge from this stronger than we were before. Let’s start small, though. Let’s start with what we know. Here … Continue reading Springtime Touch-in

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