Your Acupuncturist Keeps Getting More Subversive

The way things are working just isn’t working. People are dying, isolated, lying to themselves and each other. Everyone is more anxious or tuned out.  Much of this is fabricated and enhanced to benefit a powerful few. Some people think they’re on the brink of everything working out for them, but they’ve always been on this edge and they will never get to the other side doing and believing the same things that have kept them here.

We’re stuck in old patterns. The social contract we’ve been handed is corrupt and frankly unenforceable. 

I don’t have the ability to properly identify and intervene in all the patterns, but I know we can’t let the immensity of the problems paralyze us. Wherever we can reintroduce some gentle, easeful movement into the system, that’s where healing begins.

And what is healing but becoming more comfortable with the truth – with the way things are? What is healing but becoming friends with time as it bridges who you are, how you’ve come to this moment, and what the future holds. 

My practice is healing. It’s welcoming life as it is, and opening up the pathways life needs to flow and flourish. Expanding the quantity and quality of available options. 

This is work most of us can’t do without help. How can I stand for liberation when it’s only accessible to a few? I went on retreat last week (see pics!) and came back ready to stand by some fiery changes. The biggest change is financial: if you have been rationing your care for financial reasons, let’s talk about changing that. Becoming yourself is healing, and it takes dedication and courage – I like doing that work with people who show up fully. If it’s easy for you to send money via PayPal or CashApp, please do that and choose gifts to a friend. Even better is cash.

The other changes are about clearly and publicly stating some of my political views and the ways I see them intertwined with personal health. You can see the details on the website. They aren’t big changes in my outlook, and they aren’t big changes in the scheme of things worldwide. But I’m moving with what I have, in my own small way, in the direction of a better world, together with others. We need more people moving from their deepest truth. People are born inherently good. 

I’m looking forward to any conversations this brings up, and probably some unsubscribes! That’s okay – I’m happy connecting with people who know their freedom is bound up with everyone’s. 
Our deeds are fetters that we forge ourselves… but I think it is the world that brings the iron.
– George Eliot

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