Nourishing Body, Mind, Spirit

I recently discovered a service that delivers a variety of fresh produce to my home every week. I love being surprised by their selections, and letting that novelty stimulate my creativity in the kitchen. At the same time, I love the consistency of a weekly infusion of fresh fruits and vegetables, no shopping necessary. It’s also customizable and affordable, with a mission to improve access to healthy foods in underserved communities. Check them out at and use the code FRIEND for 20% off your first delivery. I think I will get a discount, too, if you mention my name.

What fuels your life these days?
Where is your day-to-day physical sustenance coming from,
and also what inspires your sense of wonder in every moment?
Who supports you, as you are?

It’s normal to feel uncomfortable as the ground beneath our feet continues to move and shift. But…

Uncertainty is the most magical state, where anything can happen!

(If you’re having trouble accessing that sense of magic, it’s not your fault. We all need help and encouragement to realize the best of who we are.)

Thank you to all of you who trust me to support and nurture your health. Wholeness is not an easy path in a world that is deranged in so many ways, and it’s an honor to walk with you. 

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