Summertime is for Expansion!

First, the most photogenic news: Our little family has expanded to include two bunny brothers! Luca says they’re sweeties from heaven and I don’t disagree. If you need more cuteness in your life, you can follow them on instagram @bunnies_breaking_rules.

two baby bunnies sharing a piece of hay, a brindle lop with a white mark on his face on the left and a golden lion head on the right
Meet Popcorn and Pendleton, h/t Mark Miller for photo

Then, the most clinically relevant news: I’m adding Thursday hours at a beautiful location in St. Paul! Seriously, make an appointment with me there just to check out the waiting room, which feels like you’re inside an encaustic painting. The walls! are coated! with beeswax!! It’s like wrapping all your senses in luxury, and I want that for each of you. And the space in Minneapolis continues to be wonderful – what fortune to be able to offer both locations!

Finally, if you have followed along with my philosophy notes and ever thought you might be interested in something similar, I have something for you! I’m organizing a group to read and discuss the Ethics by Benedict Spinoza. This is a beautiful and highly original and not easy work, and I’m so delighted to explore and discuss it! We will meet Fridays at 1pm Central starting July 8. Please email if you’re interested in joining.

I’ve been especially happy with my work lately, and grateful for the connections and conversations we can make together. My hope for the future rests in deepening understanding that’s rooted in our bodies which are part of the world. Cultivating this is moving toward wholeness, which is healing. Let’s embrace each opportunity to understand more deeply with open arms – expansive! 

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