Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter.

That’s it. That’s the newsletter.

My work is helping people heal, and Black lives matter in the context of all of us healing.

Some of you have heard me say with my usual saltiness that you can do the work of achieving and maintaining a healthy body, or you can do the work of living in a sick body, but the work exists either way.

We have all been trying to thrive within a deeply pathological system built on the dehumanization of Black/ indigenous people of color. Those of us who have the privilege of not seeing it every day got a glimpse when we saw the full video of a police officer with a smirk on his face murdering a Black man while his partner mocked concerned onlookers. It’s ugly and sick beyond words. We knew things like that were happening all the time and we didn’t do enough to stop them. The work of living in a society this sick is not working.

This is an invitation to do our healing work differently.

I have been a good listener, but more is needed, so I will work harder to meet everyone in my clinic community where they are, and support them from there. I am committing to do a better job of connecting people to all the resources they need, because what I offer isn’t always enough.

Let’s have some long conversations. Let’s choose the work of full lives for everyone.

Black lives matter, or nothing matters.

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